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A Healthy Lifestyle Begins With You!

Online Coaching with Gorgeous

Meet Gorgeous

Certified Life & Fitness Coach

Hi, my name is Gorgeous.  I'm a Certified Life & Fitness Coach with special training in childhood trauma.  I'm also a Lupus advocate.

One of my key strengths in life is my ability to not only identify with others, but to help them make healthy decisions that bring about positive changes in their lives.

I also love to combine the mental with the physical, which helps me to strengthen my mind, body, and spirit so that I can combat anything that I'm challenged with in life.  You can go so much further in life when you challenge your limitations.

Never let your limitations hold you back!​


I Specialize in Helping You...

Change Unhealthy Thought Patterns

Establish Healthy Eating Habits

Adopt a Fitness Lifestyle

Set Achievable Life Goals

Create a Personalized Meal Plan


Your Journey Towards Fitness

Begins with Self Love

Start Your Journey Today!

"Listening to Gorgeous encouraged me to change my eating habits. I've lost 33lbs now."

- Pooh

“Gorgeous is so passionate about what she does. She loves helping others achieve their lifestyle goals.”

- Dell

“Gorgeous is a very beautiful person. Outgoing... Passionate about her purpose.”

- Jenny